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How to set the thank you page


Please note - you must create the thank you page before following these instructions.  A thank you page is simply a standard weblaunch page containing a message to your visitors.  Such a message may be something along the lines of 'Thank you for completing our enquiry form.  We will be in touch within one working day'.

Don't forget to set your visitor's expectations by explaining what happens next, i.e. when you will respond to their submission.

How to add and remove pages

  1. Once logged in to your weblaunch control panel, click the Enquiry Form link in the left hand buttons:
    Enquiry form link
  2. Choose the form you wish to edit from the list that appears on the next page
  3. Set the drop-down field labelled 'Page visitors should see once they submit the form' (fourth field down the page) to the page you would like to present to visitors following a form submission:
    Thank you page drop-down
  4. Don't forget to save your page:
    Save button


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