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Get One Month's Free Subscription!

Refer your friends, colleagues and customers to weblaunch and we'll give you one month's subscription absolutely free!

As soon as your referral signs up to weblaunch we will immediately cancel your direct debit payments for the next month.  If two of your referrals sign up, we will cancel the next 2 month's payments, and so on...

Imagine if you were to refer a new client to us every month – your website would then become completely free!

You can register your referral either by emailing us at, by phoning us on 0871 288 3575 or by filling out the form below.

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Some straight-forward terms and conditions:

  1. We will cancel your next payment as soon as your referral is signed up, the optional 14 day cooling off period has elapsed and the direct debit is all set up.
  2. This may not reach our bank in time for the next direct debit run if it's at the end of the month.  In this case it will affect the following month.  Sorry about that :(
  3. We will cancel ALL of your monthly direct debit, additional modules and all, irrespective of the value of your referral's weblaunch contract.
  4. Whilst we will make every effort to reward those who send us new customers, it is your responsibility as the referrer to make sure we know you sent them.  We're not clairvoyant, after all ;-)
  5. You can inform us by any of these methods:
    1. Phone - 0871 288 3575
    2. Email -
    3. Form - see above
  6. We recommend you inform us by email.  That way you have a record and we have a record, nice though it is to talk to you ;-)
  7. The more referrals you send us the more months we cancel - one month for each referral - nice and simple.
  8. There is no maximum number of referrals you can send us.  If 100 sign up that's eight years of free weblaunch!
  9. The waiver of payment does not affect your weblaunch contract.
  10. Sorry, but we can't transfer payment cancellations from one weblaunch account to another - too messy :(
  11. By sending us your referral you agree to these terms and conditions