Pay Monthly Website Design

It seems websites come in two flavours: expensive or DIY

Expensive isn’t an option. You don’t have thousands of pounds lying around to spend on a new website.

And the notion of doing one of those cheap DIY efforts fills you with dread. If only there was an option between the two.

Actually, there is.

Horror Stories

Bruce Hazelton, Weblaunch OwnerMy name is Bruce and I’m the owner of Weblaunch. I’ve been designing websites almost as long as they’ve been around. And in that time people have loved to tell me their horror stories about:

  • websites that cost a fortune
  • websites that weren’t any good
  • websites that didn’t do what they thought they would
  • designers who took an age to make even the smallest update
  • designers that disappeared off the face of the planet

The Answer

I found these stories hard to hear, because I felt I was being tarred with the same brush. And for a long time I thought very hard about the solution. And then one day it occurred to me. Just about every problem with the web design industry was because web designers charge a huge fee up front. Once they have your money and finished your website they're no longer interested and are off chasing the next big pay cheque.

My web development team were assigned the task of building our pay-monthly website service; Weblaunch.

  • the website you’ve always wanted
  • ultimately affordable with no set-up fee - prices start at just £25 a month
  • feature rich; will do just about anything the expensive websites do
  • mobile friendly - Google now penalises websites that aren't!
  • easily update pages instantly yourself, as often as you need
  • support on tap
  • painless direct debit payments
  • everything is included - domain name, hosting and email

And the best bit? There’s no lengthy contract; it’s entirely down to us to keep you happy to keep you as a customer.

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