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Email Update

On Sunday morning our database server suffered a sudden and catastrophic hard drive failure. Sunday was dedicated to repairing the server, and Sunday evening through Monday to restoring data.

Our email system uses both a file system and database system and cannot function without both. Unfortunately we were unable to restore the database information from a backup.

What does this mean?

We have rebuilt the email system using the email files stored on the server. As folder and read information is stored in the database all messages (including spam) have been restored to the Inbox and marked as unread.

To protect your privacy we do not keep non-encrypted records of passwords. All passwords will have to be restored manually by us before you can reconnect to our server.

Our recommendation

We strongly recommend you back up your existing emails from your email client before reconnecting to our server. If you already have a complete record of all your historical emails it is likely to be better than ours. In this instance, we recommend you contact us to erase the email in your account from our server.

Course of action:

  1. Back up your email
  2. Contact us to erase our flawed record of your emails and reinstate your password
  3. Connect to our email server (your email client should do this automatically)
  4. This will more than likely delete all email from your email client as it syncs with our server
  5. Restore your back up taken at step 1 of this list

If you are unsure of this procedure we recommend consulting an IT expert.

Unfortunately we are not able to advise on individual email set ups; our expertise is in web design and our complimentary email facilities are offered as an added value service to your website. We don't have the day-to-day experience of email clients that an IT expert has; we would not be doing you any favours advising on a case-by-case basis, particularly as we run Mac only systems and haven't touched a PC in years.

What if I don't have a record of my email?

If you've been using our webmail service or do not have a record of your own email then your only option is to connect to our server and use the restored emails. In this case you'll need to contact us to request that your password is reinstated.

What is an email client?

An email client is the software on your computer that handles your email, such as Outlook on PC or Mail on Mac.

How do I backup and restore my emails?

We have prepared a guide on how to backup and restore emails in Microsoft Outlook.

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