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SEO Special Offer Extended

22nd May 2009

Our show offer of our Search Engine Optimisation module free when you sign up has been so popular we�ve decided to extend it until the 13th June. All you need to do to qualify is sign up for your weblaunch website before then.

Whilst weblaunch has been designed to create websites that are already search engine friendly, our SEO module actively promotes your keyphrases. All you have to do is add your keyphrases using our admin system, and choose which page on your site will be optimised for each keyphrase.

Whenever that keyphrases is used anywhere in the site the SEO module automatically generates a link to that page, updates the meta tags, creates a list of tagged keyphrases on the page and adds social bookmarking links.

Use your keyphrases well on your optimised page and you're well on your way to search engine heaven!

We'll be adding a blog to the weblaunch website soon and giving you all the top tips you need to make the most of your website. We'll let you know as soon as it's launched.

In the meantime, don�t forget to claim your FREE SEO module when you sign up to weblaunch. To get started, just call us on 01483 740800.

SEO module:

  • Links keyphrase with a chosen page
  • Automatically turns keyphrase anywhere on website into link to chosen page
  • Synchronises meta tags
  • Tags keyphrases used in page in list
  • Adds social bookmarking links to allow visitors to link to your page

Keyphrase tips:

  • Choose keyphrases that are specific, 3-4 words
  • Single word keyphrases are too generic, highly competitive and not focussed
  • Sign into Google (just costs your email address) and go to AdWords Keyword Tool
  • Enter your keyphrase
  • Google lists your keyphrase and similar suggestions
  • Searches per month are given
  • Make sure your keyphrase is frequently searched, or choose an alternative
  • Enter your keyphrase into your optimised page�s title
  • Use a single

    tag (page headline) containing your keyphrase

  • Follow with supporting

    tag, also using keyphrase

  • Write knowledgeably and informatively about your subject
  • Keep the top of the page concise using bullets for your readers
  • Write in depth thereafter
  • Small paragraphs interspersed with

    or similar keyphrase headings

  • About 500 words

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