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Google Analytics Update

8th September 2010

Google logoThe Google Analytics code in weblaunch has now been updated to the latest, asynchronous snippet offered by Google.  But what does that mean exactly?

Well, Google Analytics works by adding a small code snippet to every page on your website.  When someone visits a page that little code snippet talks to Google and tells them about the page and the visitor.  No personal information is gathered, just details like country, browser, whether you've been before.

The problem with this is that if there's any hold up in the communication with Google, your page will not load immediately.  To combat this the snippet has always been placed at the end of the page so that it didn't matter too much.  However, because the new code snippet works asynchronously - without holding up the loading of the page - Google's performance no longer affects your website.

Additionally, Google are promising new functionality with the new code snippet which we look forward to adding to weblaunch.

Another benefit is that your weblaunch website can now be verified by Google's Webmaster Tools using the new code snippet, opening up an invaluable toolbox to all weblaunch customers.  Webmaster Tools allows you to see how Google interprets your website and make improvements, which in turn increase your ranking positions and visitor conversion.

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