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Adding a PDF download

  1. Log in to the weblaunch admin site and open the page you to which you wish to add a download
    NOTE: If you wish to have a library of downloads advertised automatically on every page of your website contact us about the downloads module
  2. Select the text you wish to use as the link to the PDF:
    Selected text
  3. Click the 'Insert/edit link' button:
    Insert/edit link
  4. Click the browse button:
  5. If you have previously uploaded the PDF skip to step 9.  Click the upload button:
  6. Click the 'choose files' button:
    Choose files
  7. In the dialogue box that opens, select the PDF file on your computer and click 'Select'
    NOTE: It is best to avoid unusual characters in the file name of your PDF, stick to letters, numbers and use underscore ( _ ) instead of spaces.
  8. Click 'Upload to server':
    Upload to server
  9. Your PDF will now upload to the weblaunch server.  This may take a while depending on the size of the file and the speed of your internet connection.  Once the upload is complete you will be returned to the file manager where you can click on the checkbox next to the PDF:
    File manager
  10. Click 'Insert' in the panel to the left:
    File manager - insert
  11. You are returned to the link dialogue box, where you can insert a title for the PDF and then click 'Insert':
    Insert/edit link
  12. The text you selected is now a link to the PDF:
  13. Save the page and test the link on your public site.

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