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Enquiry form email recipients

  1. Click the 'Enquiry Form' button in the left hand column in the weblaunch admin:
    enquiry form
  2. Choose the appropriate enquiry form from the list on the following page
  3. Enter the email address to which all enquiries are sent into the top field:
    enquiry form fields
  4. You should also enter a subject into the field below, something along the lines of 'Enquiry from website', so that the recipient knows immediately that they will need to respond.

That's it!

Or is it?  Sometimes you may want the form to go to another recipient based on the answers given.  Take the following example:
field email recipients

If you wanted widget enquiries to go to and grommit enquiries to go to follow these instructions:

  1. Click on the email icon next to the required field:
  2. An email field appears:
    Field email recipient
  3. Type the desired recipient into the box and then click the blue save icon:
    save button
  4. Repeat for as many fields as required.

Your form will be sent to the recipient set in the main form preferences, described in the first section of this page under point 3.  If a visitor checks the widgets checkbox the form will also be sent to the recipient set in step 3 in the second section of this page.

Tip: If you need to send the form to more than one email address enter them both separated by a comma.

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